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K&N Cone Filter Mounter to Throttle Body
52mm Holley Throttle Body
ACCELL 8.8 Spiral Wound Racing/Street Wires
ACCELL Super Stock Ignition Coil

Engine Re-build:
Port and Polish Intake Plennum, Match Port Throttle Body,
Match Port and Polish Heads (Intakes)
More Agressive Cams
Shave The Head, 15 Thou.(Bring the Comp. Ratio up a Bit.)
Match Port and Polish Exhaust Ports
Custom Headers
Possibly Twin Exhaust with Two Catz
Bigger Injectors
High Pressure Fuel Regulator and Larger Fuel Rails Would Be Nice
Include New Guage Cluster On Centre Console With Oil Temp, Oil Press. & Alternator
Mopar Valve Covers (Saw Them In A Chrysler Cat. Once)
Sport Shocks & Struts, With Eibach Springs -1"
Polyeurithane Bushings, All Over (Cant Find Any!)
Strut Tower Bracing
4 Wheel Disc (Get From MiniVan Or Daytona From Wreckers) Slotted, Or Cross Drilled Rottors.
Upgrade to 2 Piston Callipers? (Checkout "Bear" Breaks)
Steel Braded Brake Lines
Hub Spacers, & Upgrade to 225 Or Larger Tires (new Wheels WOuld Be Nice Too)
Upgrade Seats
Move Battery To Hatch, Install Larger Intake Cone

Mike Schembri
Ontario, CANADA